Monday, May 7, 2012

Raggedy Albie

Karma Personified

I quite imagine this boy had it coming no? Now I can't wait to watch their mothers bring down hell on each other.  In the end, I'm pretty sure Raggedy Andi and Albie will get back together. Pinoy showbiz: It's More Fun in the Philippines.

Royal Rumble


Mon Tulfo aka Mick Foley
Raymart Santiago aka Triple H
Claudine Barretto aka Stephanie Mcmahon
Guy in Pink aka Vince Mcmahon


Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Public Affair

Do you know, that amidst a sea of shoppers, stores, and really horrible traffic in Greenhills, lies an oasis that seems truly heaven sent? On the second level of The Promenade, the quaint (even in such a location) Cafe Publico stands fairly unnoticed- I say this with conviction because Epok completely walked past it. This is a good thing though, because it is able to maintain this kind of cool ambiance and artsy vibe. 

"Welcome Rug"

A tile mosaic "rug" welcomes you in, where immediately you feel like you've been whisked into an authentic parisian patisserie.  I seriously looked around for macarons, berets and french speaking people.  Instead, my eyes were treated to a wonderful array of mouth-watering gelato flavors (free tasting too!). 

The "Sophia Loren" is a combo of Pistachio and Strawberry flavors

I tried the vanilla (of course), thai tea (very unusual tasting), and some others but eventually went for "toothpaste," which tasted like mint and bubblegum. Y-U-M! I can honestly gobble this up by the bucket.  Pretty affordable too- one huge scoop for 105 pesos leaves my pockets dent-free.  Another big plus is that they also carry coffee, some sandwiches and a few cake desserts- ALL of which i vow to try next time. 

 All mine!

 Surely, I am to carry on with this affair. Bon Apetit!

Monday, March 19, 2012


If this isn't the (insert superlative adjective here) thing you've seen, I seriously want to know what is.

Oh Laaawd.  Where do I even begin? That this billboard was seemingly "strategically placed" at one of the busiest intersections between two cities (Dagupan and Calasiao)? That there is a full grown man, who looks completely naked and is eating a watermelon, promoting an unknown single from an equally unknown album? Or that this man is apparently nicknamed "Dr. G" which may imply that he belongs to the same profession as me? You decide.

Whatever THIS is about, one thing's for sure: seems like it's more fun in Pangasinan after all.

(Sorry for the blurriness, I was laughing too hard I couldn't take a more decent photo)

A "Lauper" Can Never Change its Spots

Granted I'm not an avid Cyndi Lauper fan so I wouldn't really know if she's still "that good." Thankfully though, I have it on good authority (aka cyndinatic Karen) that SHE STILL IS. I mean, she was awesome. And I'm speaking as a non-fan here. If you're anything like me, I bet you never realized how many hit songs she's had. Right? Right.

my ticket, courtesy of my loving batchmate and good friend

Miss Lauper started the show with a rousing rendition of "She-Bop" and immediately everyone was on their feet.  Then, being the pro that she is, she climbs down the stage to sing and dance with us right away.  Shoving, flashes, a bit of disorder ensue.  She perseveres. But when the second song starts, she stops the band and scolds the crowd:  "I want to sing and dance with you guys but you gotta stop pulling me! And what's with those cameras in my face?!" Gotta lover her- she's her own crowd control machine. Did I say awesome already?!


Fun Fact: Cyndi had a blues album (albums?).  She sang three or four blues-ey songs from those- not really familiar but enjoyed nonetheless. She's awesome.

"I can do this in my sleep"

she played a couple of instruments

Towards the end, as if she couldn't get any more awesome-r, she flawlessly performed famous songs from her discography: "Money Changes Everything," "Change of Heart," "Shine," "Time After Time," and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," to name a few.  The crowd, already supercharged and singing along, became even more enthusiastic (rowdy?) when she came down from the stage and went around greeting everyone. All this while singing "true to record" renditions of her hits. Forgive me, but AWE-SOME.

Time After Time

"Medyas ni Juana"
Finally, for an encore, she did "True Colors". Of course. Everyone sang along. Naturally. And then to everyone's surprise, she indulged us with an encore to the encore- a heartfelt rendition of "La Vie en Rose."Perfect. C'est la vie!

True Colors

All in all, Cyndi Lauper didn't get to fill the big dome, but the show felt successful.  After all, the girls (and guys) who wanted to have fun, DID. Consider me a true convert.

true performer

thanks Cyndi, you were brilliant!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ever wonder who would win in an epic battle between: Calvin and Christopher Robin? What about between their respective awesome-r imaginary friends: Hobbes and Pooh? Finally, how about pair versus pair? 

Calvin seems to be the more nefarious fellow, but then again "still waters run deep." Hobbes may be A tiger, but he IS lazy.  Plus the hundred-acre wood taught us that some tigers are just...well, bouncy.  Pooh, on the other hand, shows us time and again that nobody can come between him and his honey.  That is until he gets stuck in a hole.  Both pairs exude undeniable chemistry but while Calvin and Hobbes are endlessly at odds with each other, Christopher Robin and Pooh are infinitely lovey-dovey. 

Who would you place your bets on?


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